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Humble Bundle Removes Mac, Linux Games From Trove Libra

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Humble Bundle announced that it will offer Linux and Mac versions of its games in its “Humble Trove” collectionSubscribers will no longer have access to this information after February.

Today subscribers to Humble Bundle’s Humble Choice service Received an emailIt is important to let subscribers know that they will soon be unable to access Mac and Linux games in Humble Trove. This library contains 70+ games that all subscribers have continuous access to, similar to Xbox Game Pass.

Humble Trove’s current Humble Trove games can be downloaded by Choice subscribers. Humble Bundle’s email added that Windows PC versions of the games will continue to remain available to download going forward.

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Today’s news follows a January 11 blog post in which Humble Bundle announced that it would be making changes to Humble Choice to make the paid service “simpler” for members. Subscribers will not be able to select the number of games they wish to keep each month. Instead, they will continue to receive all the monthly games.

In addition, a new set of games called the “Humble Games Collection” will become available to current subscribers. If this sounds exactly like Trove, you’re not wrong, and the company says “many” of the Trove games will end up in the new Collection. As for Trove’s fate, there’s no clear word yet.

However, part of Humble Choice’s newfound “simplicity” comes in the introduction of a new Windows-only client that’s required to access subscriber benefits, including the Humble Games Collection. It doesn’t take a big leap to arrive at the conclusion that Choice subscribers are losing access to the Mac and Linux versions of Trove games because the service’s new client only works on Windows.

Many have been dissatisfied with the latest in a series. Humble Bundle was created in July. It doubled its previously stated intentionTo limit the amount customers can donate to charities when they purchase games, Customers used to be able to donate 100% of their purchases to charities in the past. However, Humble Bundle now takes a 15%-30% cut of every sale.

With today’s announcement, some Reddit gamers who prefer Mac and Linux games feel left behind. For some, the removal of Mac and Linux games from Trove / Humble Games Collection flies in the face of Humble Bundle advertising itself as a storefront where gamers can “download and keep games forever.” While some Redditors are weighing whether they will choose to stick around or cancel their subscriptions come February, others see Humble Bundle’s latest updates as the “final nail in the coffin”Thank you for your time at the store/service.

In r/humblebundles, Redditor KlatsBoem Posted:

Ever since Humble’s main features shifted away from the Indie bundles, I’ve come to no longer see them as a champion for Linux gaming. The same applies to DRM-free. I first looked at, then Humble is no longer a part of that equation. It was obvious to me already that their vision of the future of games did not align with mine. Their move only confirms this idea.

Kotaku reached out to Humble Bundle for comment, but didn’t hear back by the time of publication.

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